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Host a Back to School Stuff Swap

Story of Stuff is a movie, a campaign, a movement. Story of stuff helps people understand how stuff is made, where it’s from, how it gets to where we are, and where it ends up when we throw things into the trash bin.

You can check out their site for a lot of interesting information and inspiration on how to make a difference in you community and be part of making a cleaner, greener, happier world.

The reason I mention Story of Stuff is their recent campaign, asking people to host swap markets when going back to school after the holidays. They call it Back to School Stuff Swap, and you can sign up with your own event and swap everything from books, clothes, school supplies or whatever makes sense to you.

Hosting swap events at schools is a great setup, since we need to spread the idea to as many people as possible. If swapping becomes a normal part of how we socialise and help each other out at school, there is a great possibility for more young people to pick up on the idea. To start taking swapping and sharing for granted, and for everyone, one and for all, to stop thinking that second hand clothes are gross! (Yes, some kids still feel that way)

If you want to host an event, check out their site and sign up!