Sweden has 90 swap markets in 1 day

The last couple of years there have been a growing tradition in Sweden to host clothes swaps. The Swedish Association for Nature preservation (Sveriges Naturskyddsförening) runs a campaign to spread awareness of how much money, water, energy and other resources you can save by swapping instead of constantly buying new.

tøjbytte SN

In 2013 there were more than 90 clothes swaps in one day, and they will continue with the campaign in 2015 on April 18th. We hope as many countries as possible will follow and bring attention to swapping as a way of reducing waste and having a great time as well.

Those of us working with swapping in Denmark has decided to go with the Swedes and host swap markets with everything on that day as well. The first events have already been publishes and there are many more to come.

If you wish to know more about April 18th and how to organise your own swap market, you can read the guide here on the blog or send us an email on byttemarkeder@gmail.com

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