Join the Nordic Swap Day

Join the Nordic Swap Day the 18th of april. We want to spread recycling and swapping, and hope as many people as possible want to host a swap event. Could be big or small, public or private, with clothes, things or both. All events are welcome and will make a difference. Let’s show the world that going green and sustainable can be both fun, inspiring, giving and saving you a lot of money!

For the last six years Sweden has had an annual clothes swap day, klädbytardagen. It’s grown every year and in 2014 there were more than 100 events in one day. That many events mean more attention from people and from media, and more people learn about recycling, swapping and how many resources we waste in our (over)consumption of things and clothes.

This year, we’re connecting swappers in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, letting them know they’re part of a movement, of something bigger. Hopefully, more people will join. The first events are already planned, and more are coming over the next few months. (15 in Sweden, 6 in Denmark, 2 in Finland and 1 in Norway)

If you want to be part of this, host your own event and let us know in the Facebook event. If you make a private swap party, just let us know which city it’ll be in. Any country is welcome to participate, it’s just the focus of media and communication that is starting in the countries surrounding Sweden, and which have a lot in common. Maybe next year, we’ll have an international swap day!

You can read more about the events and some guides for the different countries, and do make some noise in social media, if you wish to join in on the fun, whether you’re a host or a participant.






Clothes swap in Groningen, NL

There has been a few swap markets in NL over the last couple of years, and the trend seems to be growing. On the 30th of January you can attend a large swap event and leave clothes you no longer need and swap them for others.

It’s arranged by Green Office GroningenCultureel Studentencentrum UsvaDarpdecade and DuCie and they’re planning to host a swap event 1-2 times a year, if everything goes as planned. Here’s a link to their event on facebook, where you can sign up and invite your friends to come and swap with you.

PLakat byttemarked NL

Sweden has 90 swap markets in 1 day

The last couple of years there have been a growing tradition in Sweden to host clothes swaps. The Swedish Association for Nature preservation (Sveriges Naturskyddsförening) runs a campaign to spread awareness of how much money, water, energy and other resources you can save by swapping instead of constantly buying new.

tøjbytte SN

In 2013 there were more than 90 clothes swaps in one day, and they will continue with the campaign in 2015 on April 18th. We hope as many countries as possible will follow and bring attention to swapping as a way of reducing waste and having a great time as well.

Those of us working with swapping in Denmark has decided to go with the Swedes and host swap markets with everything on that day as well. The first events have already been publishes and there are many more to come.

If you wish to know more about April 18th and how to organise your own swap market, you can read the guide here on the blog or send us an email on

Host a Back to School Stuff Swap

Story of Stuff is a movie, a campaign, a movement. Story of stuff helps people understand how stuff is made, where it’s from, how it gets to where we are, and where it ends up when we throw things into the trash bin.

You can check out their site for a lot of interesting information and inspiration on how to make a difference in you community and be part of making a cleaner, greener, happier world.

The reason I mention Story of Stuff is their recent campaign, asking people to host swap markets when going back to school after the holidays. They call it Back to School Stuff Swap, and you can sign up with your own event and swap everything from books, clothes, school supplies or whatever makes sense to you.

Hosting swap events at schools is a great setup, since we need to spread the idea to as many people as possible. If swapping becomes a normal part of how we socialise and help each other out at school, there is a great possibility for more young people to pick up on the idea. To start taking swapping and sharing for granted, and for everyone, one and for all, to stop thinking that second hand clothes are gross! (Yes, some kids still feel that way)

If you want to host an event, check out their site and sign up!

English video introduction

We finally have a video in English which shows what swap markets are all about. I hope you can all see that this is done by volunteers and that it’s important to keep a relaxed atmosphere where people feel welcome. We are in the process of translating our “how-to” guide, and hope you’ll find it useful when it’s done.

The video and the concept is introduced by Marusa Kefaloukos who is passionate about recycling and green options.

New blog in the making

We’re a bunch of Danes who arrange swap markets around Denmark, but the interest is growing so here are the first steps towards a blog/website with the purpose of sharing our experiences. Our focus will be on our Danish site, but in time we’ll have posts and videos here in English, and we hope to connect with people around the world who create swap markets to save money, natural resources and to have a great day with music and cosy hanging out. We Danes are all about cosiness, and we hope to keep our markets cosy while making a difference to people and the environment. Thanks for popping by already – more to come soon.

A movement of swappers